Coming to your Living Room for a limited time!

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Whidbey Island Dance Theatre's

28th season of

Film Premiere

NOW through February


Due to COVID-19, to keep you, your family, and our dancers safe, WIDT is doing it a little different this year.  Our 2020 stage production has been filmed and edited as a movie and is available now to rent or download from WIDT's website!  Nutcracker memorabilia available too!


Thank you to Blue Fox Drive-In for providing a one night packed venue where hundreds of Whidbey fans were able to experience our premiere on the big screen. The response was precious and heartwarming, filled with honking instead of clapping, and a lot of enthusiastic commentary!  We will miss the audience during the rest of our Nutcracker Season, but are looking at the silver linings... YOU can choose when to watch, bring whatever you want to eat into the "theatre," hoot and holler during the show, and even invite faraway friends and relatives to view it too by sharing our website address with them.


Join us as Clara and the Nutcracker Prince travel through a hidden magical cave deep in the Puget Sound where mermaids swim among silky strands of seaweed and dance on pearls. Share their wonder as they stroll through the wild and lush Enchanted Forest where they meet our graceful Faerie Queen and Forest King, and confront a dreadful Dragon. Marvel at the fleeting elegance of our beautiful flowers and swallowtail butterflies. And of course, meet the matron of all forest creatures, Madame Bumble, who introduces us to some of the most adorable critters we have ever seen.


WIDT takes pride in our local version of the classical ballet. The high quality of production and the amazing skill of our dancers combine to provide you with a show rivaling what is available in cities 10 times our size. Many have made this show a family holiday tradition! We invite you, and your family, to join them and enjoy this wonderful Whidbey show this holiday season. 


Rent or Download NOW through January 10 - Click on the image above.


Order a DVD

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Please download the PDF of WIDT's 2019-20 Season Program and lend your eyes to see who supported WIDT this thwarted season.  Remember them and visit them at the first opportunity conditions allow.  Thank you for supporting our supporters.


It is never too late to become a sustaining member.

Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming Virtual Nutcracker and how YOU can attend this special event!

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