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WIDT needs your help year-round, whether it be through financial donations or volunteer your time for necessary operations or in fundraising activities. Please donate and volunteer as much as you are willing so WIDT can continue creating great works for the community and provide excellent pre-professional performance experience to our dancers and community performers.

To keep expenses low, the WIDT Board of Directors is a group of volunteers personally dedicated to the mission of WIDT and its dancers, and most of the work is done by cherished volunteers. However, it is still necessary to pay professionals to do the work the Board, volunteers, and dancers cannot do. The professionals WIDT hires for productions are gracious enough to take a severe pay cut (to well below minimum wage) in order for us to put on The Nutcracker and our spring show. These professionals are putting in anywhere from 20 to 80 hours of work per week (at peak) to ensure the quality of our productions are far better than any produced by communities ten times our size.


Unfortunately, because we are a small community, WIDT cannot price tickets to cover the cost of the productions or monthly operations.  We are not PNB or ABT that charge five to ten times as much for mediocre seats. With all of the tickets we sell, the company fees and community performer fees, and program advertiser fees we collect doesn't even cover 35% of the cost of producing just The Nutcracker alone, not to mention the spring show. Rent, costumes, pointe shoes, printing, insurance, photography, videography, utilities, custodial, transportation, licensing, professional guest artists, choreographers, lighting, lead crew, etc. all add up quickly (even at extreme discounts).

This is why we need on-going support, especially financial, via donations and active fundraising activities.

Just a reminder: WIDT is not a dance school.  We are a non-profit, pre-professional, dance production company.  Our company dancers are just as committed to train and perform as any athlete on any varsity or city sports team. Training is done outside of WIDT.  Any apparent affiliation between WIDT and Island Dance is purely proximal due to Whidbey Island being too small of a community to support multiple schools and production companies.


General Donation

Everything from backdrops and set repairs to administrative supplies, from rents to guest artists and choreographers, there is on-going need for financial support. Nothing we do is extravagant, although we make everything we do look as though it is.  That's the magic of live performance dance. Anything you can give is greatly appreciated. Besides being a 501(c)(3) non-profit, what you give, you can deduct (per IRS rules).