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Whidbey Island Dance Theatre is a pre-professional dance company that relies on financial and volunteer help year-round for operations and fundraising activities. Please donate and volunteer what you can. We'd love to work with you!


Most of the work is done by our generous volunteers, which keeps costs down. However, it is still necessary to pay professionals. These dance professionals are gracious enough to work from 20 to 80 hours per week during each production far below their market value so that WIDT can produce its annual productions of "The Nutcracker" and "A Celebration of Dance." This generosity is reflected in the high-quality of WIDT's productions. (Rent, costumes, pointe shoes, printing, insurance, photography, videography, utilities, custodial fees, transportation, licensing, professional guest artists, choreographers, lighting, lead crew, etc. all add up quickly (even at extreme discounts).)

This is why we need on-going support, especially financial, via donations and active fundraising activities.

With help from our community, WIDT can continue to create high-caliber productions for our beloved and dedicated audiences and provide excellent pre-professional performance experience to our dancers and community performers.

Just a reminder: WIDT is not a dance school.  We are a non-profit, pre-professional, dance production company.  Our company dancers are just as committed to train and perform as any athlete on any varsity or club sports team. Training is done outside of WIDT.  Any apparent affiliation between WIDT and Island Dance is purely proximal due to Whidbey Island being too small of a community to support multiple schools and production companies.

We appreciate anything you give. Thank you!

General Donation

  • Costumes (used for many years/require upgrades after time)

  • Performance venue rental

  • Pointe Shoes

  • Guest artists and choreographers

  • Backdrops and set repairs

  • Administrative supplies

Anything you can give is greatly appreciated.

WIDT is 501(c)(3) non-profit, donations are tax deductible.


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